Team Registration is Closed

Contest Overview

Teams of TCM employees, on a voluntary basis, will create videos using their smartphones that they write, script, act and edit that will be in the form of either a :30 TV commercial, a :60 product video, or a :60 influencer video – all promoting TCM.

Points will be given for team inter-departmental diversity, choice of video type, and speed of team registration. For production, at least half of the team members for any team have to appear on camera, and the rest will have to be listed as to their contribution to the project in detail.

The top three point-earning teams will be able to use Marketing Manager and award-winning videographer, Scott DeBerry, in varying degrees on their team.

Ownership and Leadership Team members are ineligible to participate.

Finished clips will be showcased at the annual company meeting in December for all to see and enjoy. Clips will be judged and individual team members who participate on teams winning categories will be given cash prize(s) based on that category win. See JUDGING section for details. 


Teams must include at least 4 participants and must elect a captain. Each team can recruit OSRs, Drivers, Scheduling,  Maintenance, and Back Office (Finance, Purchasing, IT, HR, Leads Manager, and Service Recovery) with varying point values. The following is the general list of teams:

  • Trenton Location
  • Roll Form Shop
  • Trim Shop
  • Accessories Team
  • Standing Seam Shop
  • Live Oak Location
  • Ocala Location
  • Tallahassee Location
  • Brooksville Location
  • Deland Location
  • Jacksonville Location
  • Winter Haven Location
  • Customer Experience Team


Teams with interdepartmental diversity will be given 20 bonus points. Teams who register faster will get 130 points for the fastest, reducing in increments of 10 by position (2nd fastest gets 120, 3rd fastest gets 110, etc.).

As far as diversity, each team member who is not positioned at a branch or in production (OSR, driver, scheduling ,maintenance, back office, etc.), will add 30 points for each added interdepartmental participant with Drivers and OSRs valued at 50 points each.

Points will also be given by choice of format. :30 TV spots will earn 200 points, product videos will earn 150, and influencer videos will earn 100.

The top three teams will be able to utilize marketing manager, Scott DeBerry, in varying degrees as follows:


  • Top Point Earner: Scott will help you write, shoot and edit your clip.
  • Second Point Earner: Scott will help you edit your clip from your footage.
  • Third Point Earner: Scott will consult with you about your shoot for up to 1 hour.


The judging will be facilitated by the Leadership Team and Ownership.

Categories to be judged include:

  • Best :30 Spot * $100 per team member
  • Best Product Video * $50 per team member
  • Best Influencer Video * $50 per team member
  • Most Comical $50 per team member
  • Best Trainwreck $ 25 per team member
  • Best Overall $50 per team member

*Note: There must be at least two video types of each category for that category to be judged.

Judges will be looking at production value, creativity, lighting, dialogue delivery, audio quality, original background music, comedic aspects, and the overall message and how closely it lines up with promoting Tri County Metals in some form or fashion. 

Big Hint: Be sure to film your project in landscape orientation. Not portrait. Also, consider always using either subject movement, or camera movement to make the scene interesting. 


Explanation of Video Types

:30 Commercial – just like you may see on TV or steaming, a concise, cohesive presentation of Tri County Metals projects and/or services.

Product Video – a video demonstrating the feature, function, and benefits of any given TCM product.

Influencer Video – the most undefined type of video, this video type is less defined and you basically have to represent the team as a team of influence such that the audience will be compelled to follow the pack and buy from TCM.

Important Dates

October 1st – roll out, start picking your team
October 4th – team registration opens at 9 am
October 6th – team registration closes at 4:30 pm
November 24th – all video submissions are due by 5:00 pm

Past TV Commercials and Examples

Last Year's TCM Video Challenge
Old TCM Spots
Metals Minute with Megan – MS-LOK
Contractor Testimonial on Leads
Briahna from Deland and new Color Charts
“Your Money!” TV spot from 2020
Metals Minute with Megan – Production Tour
Popular $99 TV spot from 2019