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Panel Sample Request

We currently stock 1″ TCM-LOK striated samples in 26 GA, 24 GA, and .032 Aluminum in most colors available on all three color charts. These are 12″ samples and sized to fit in shipping boxes if needed. We also stock Ultra Rib samples in 29 ga and these panels are not full width as they have been sliced and sized to fit into a shipping box. If you need any other variation or panel type, you will have to submit your request using the area below the stock panel drop downs for “Sample 1, 2 or 3” below.

Once you select your sample(s), you will be prompted to enter details for the receiving party.

Stock Sample 1

Stock Sample 2

Stock Sample 3

Non-Stock Samples

Use the text area below to clearly list the samples you need including the proper panel name, rib height, type and color. For example “MS-LOK 2″ Striated in Aged Copper” If this sample is not to be boxed, and/or if you need a specific length, for example 24″ sample length, please specify that as well – otherwise if there is no mention of length, it will be entered as a standard panel sample size for packaging. Please just press enter to make a line between each sample needed.

LEAD TIME: Requests made here are entered into NetSuite like a normal order. Production will need a minimum of two business days to process all MS-LOK and SL-LOK sample requests. For example, if your request is submitted on a Monday, you can expect that it will be carted or packaged for shipping on Thursday to allow two full business days for production. Please communicate customer expectations accordingly.

Please be sure to read the section above on ordering non-stock samples before entering your sample request.


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