Type O Negative – Wolf Moon

Scenes: All at night – Woods, moonlight, hill side, church, catacombs, snowy woods, use rose petals, leaves, and snow in certain scenes with fan

Prop List

  • Candles
  • Candelabra / Candle holders
  • Small round tables (Scott)
  • White washed coffee table (Scott)
  • Cast Iron white table and chairs (Jason)
  • Old hardback books / Spell book
  • Chess Set (Scott)
  • Wine glasses (clear) that will be broken
  • Empty dark wine bottle (that will be broken)
  • Old pill / medicine bottle (glass – for ‘poison')
  • Glue dots, small ivy for Gypsy to show poison taking effect 
  • Anything else?

Don't forget individual props like teeth / fangs for Vampire, rings and jewelry for ladies, crown for queen / spell caster – whatever props you need for your character

”Story” with Lyrics



  • Jason – werewolf
  • Perry – vampire
  • Donna – Gypsy
  • Gina – spell caster queen
  • Ashley – gothic rescuer
  • Scott – lip sync / storyteller




Unholy water

[Open with old pill bottle being grabbed,

walking shot 1, 2, 3, of each lady]

Sanguine addiction

[shot silver bullets are placed one by one by vampires hand,

poison poured into teapot by spell-casters hand]

Those silver bullets

[bullets shot pulls back to see vampire sitting back into his chair smiling satisfied at his bullet display]

A last blood benediction

[tea time – gypsy takes a sip of tea but Ashley's character declines, bottle drops and breaks at end of ‘benediction’, Dracula moves inhumanly fast in the 3-light run]

It is her moon      time

[gypsy afraid with moon behind her in woods, dark vines begin to form on her face as the poison sets in from the tea]

When there's iron in the air

[gypsy walking at green screen trough graveyard not feeling well, then walking down 3-light run – stalked by vampire]

A rusted essence

[spell-caster watches from a distance using magic and is pleased, laughing ]

Woman may I know you're there (music swells)

[slow pull up shot on singer on ‘there’ side and close-front, fast edit to wine glass breaking at next forte]

Unholy water

[slow motion of vampire moving in and embracing Gypsy]

Sanguine addiction

[Ashley's character moves in, manages to get close, the vampire shirks away at the cross around her neck, then she spots bullets on the ground and grabs them]

Those silver bullets

[the rescuer assures the gypsy who is visibly sicker, but then…]

A last blood benediction (music swells)

[they both turn and look in the distance as the werewolf glares and howls, and begins to charge having locked on his prey]

Hey wolf moon

[they begin to flee in agonizing slow motion]

Come cast your spell on me

[singer beacons the spell, spell-caster mimics his motion, as does the vampire]

Hey wolf moon

[singer, then Jason close shot, stopping and howling]

Come cast your spell on me

[singer beacons the spell, all characters beacon the spell in separate frames choreographed]

(music interlude)

[new scene, ladies playing chess, spell-caster is displeased, gypsy is sicker still, motions and vampire and werewolf abruptly turn from heading in opposite directions and pivot sensing each other]

Don't spill a drop      dear

[vampire and werewolf charge toward each other, green screen side shot and alley 3-light shot]

Let me kiss the curse away

[slow motion chess move foreshadows the fight outcome]

Yourself in my mouth

[the enemies collide and the werewolf appears to bite the vampire on the neck as he’s pushed down]

Will you leave me with your taste?

[werewolf towers over his kill, then at the end of ‘taste’ he abruptly pivots picking up the scent of his prey, three way split screen – werewolf, singer, spell-caster]

Hey wolf moon

[spell-caster’s smile turns to fear and she begins breathing heavily and looks towards the door]

Come cast your spell on me

[werewolf flies into scene at super human speed and the spell-caster in her chair are toppled. There werewolf rises with blood lust from his kill needing more]

Hey wolf moon

[the poison in the gypsy from tea has taken effect and she attacks her rescuer – bust Ashley’s character uses her cross on her and she shrieks away]

Come cast your spell on me

[she then is walking away through the woods reflective, sad that she had to off her pal]


[werewolf finds her and begins to howl]

The woods at night

[she gets a determined look and pivots to face him]


[split screen she begins to raise her pistol, the werewolf charges]

The Lunar light

[Face on full shot of Ashley pointing the gun to camera, at ‘light’ her gun discharges in a flash that fills the screen. Fade to black]