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To be eligible for our EDGE programs, we require you to include the following in your online marketing efforts:


  1. Website: That you have established a functioning website that educates visitors on your work and services, contact information, and material partnerships.
  2. Logos and Backlinks: The Tri County Metals logo and all EDGE program logos you are associated with are included at minimum on the footer of your home page, on your Financing Page and on your Metal Roofing page.
  3. Metal Roofing Page: That you have a page titled Metal Roofing that outlines our product offerings, logos and links back to the TCM website.
  4. Financing Page (where applicable): That if you are enrolled in our homeowner’sEDGE program you have a page titled Financing which should include direct links to each loan product within our program you’d like promoted, proper disclaimers, promotional text and imagery as recommended, logos and links back to the TCM website.

How to use this page


  1. Pick the layout that is best suited for your website/business needs and forward to your web designer / webmaster.
  2. Share this page with them so they can download the elements needed to compose your page.
  3. If you do not have a resource to complete this work for you, please contact your sales rep to arrange a conference call with our marketing team so we can put a plan together to help you accomplish these additions to your website. 
  4. If you do not have a website, please contact your sales rep to arrange a conference call with our marketing team so we can help get you pointed in the right direction to maximize your success.  Looking for our Rate Explorer? Contact Scott DeBerry and he can provide a copy to you.

Marketing Department Contact Info

  • 353-210-9698
  • Scott DeBerry, Marketing Manager –

Financing Page Layouts

Metal Page Layouts

Logo Files

Terms of Use for Independent Contractors Enrolled in our EDGE Programs.  

TRI COUNTY METALS grants you a limited, non-exclusive, non-transferable license to use the name “TRI COUNTY METALS” and certain other trademarks, service marks, logos and slogans owned or licensed by TRI COUNTY METALS (the “TRI COUNTY METALS Marks”) in connection with identifying yourself as a TRI COUNTY METALS factory-trained contractor in your normal selling geography and selling any TRI COUNTY METALS products in connection therewith, so long as such use is in full compliance with the provisions of this Agreement and in accordance with the rules prescribed from time to time by TRI COUNTY METALS on the Contractor Marketing page of our website or elsewhere. You shall limit your use of all TRI COUNTY METALS Marks to such uses specifically authorized on the Contractor Marketing page and you shall conduct your business in a manner that reflects favorably at all times on TRI COUNTY METALS, the EDGE Programs and the TRI COUNTY METALS Marks.

You shall at no time engage in deceptive, misleading or unethical practices or conduct or perform any other act that may have a negative impact on the reputation or goodwill of TRI COUNTY METALS, the TRI COUNTY METALS Marks or any other member of the Program. In the event of any infringement of, or challenge to, your use of any name, mark or symbol TRI COUNTY METALS licenses to you, you must immediately notify TRI COUNTY METALS, and TRI COUNTY METALS will have sole discretion to take any action deemed appropriate in order to preserve and protect the ownership, identity and validity of the TRI COUNTY METALS Marks, and if any administrative proceeding or litigation takes place concerning the TRI COUNTY METALS Marks, TRI COUNTY METALS will control that action.

TRI COUNTY METALS is not required under this Agreement to protect your right to use the TRI COUNTY METALS Marks or to protect you against claims of infringement or unfair competition arising out of your use of the TRI COUNTY METALS Marks.

If it becomes advisable at any time in the sole discretion of TRI COUNTY METALS to modify or discontinue the use of any name or mark and/or use one or more additional or substitute names or marks, you will be responsible for the tangible costs (such as replacing signs and materials). TRI COUNTY METALS is not required to participate in your defense or indemnify you for any expenses or damages if you are a party to a proceeding involving one or more TRI COUNTY METALS Marks, regardless of the outcome of that proceeding.

You may not contest, directly or indirectly, TRI COUNTY METALS’s ownership, title, right or interest in the TRI COUNTY METALS Marks, or the trade secrets, methods, procedures and advertising techniques which are part of the Program, or oppose, petition to cancel, challenge, or contest TRI COUNTY METALS’s right to register, maintain, use or license others to use the TRI COUNTY METALS Marks, trade secrets, methods, procedures or techniques.